Club Championships 2018

Thank you to the Red Willow Curling Club for hosting the 2018 PCA Club Championships!

Congratulations to following teams that will be advancing to the Travelers Provincials in the fall:

  • PCA “A” Men: Fahler Curling ClubPCA Men's A 2018 Club Championships

    • Skip Kelsey Dusseault
    • Third: Ryan Konowalyk
    • Second: Ryan Dumont
    • Lead: Marc Boisvert
  • PCA “B” Men: Red Willow Curling ClubPCA Men B 2018 Club Championships

    • Skip: Brad Vancuren
    • Third: Derek Muceniek
    • Second: Mike Hogan
    • Lead: Nick Harris
  • PCA “A” Women: Fairview Curling Club PCA Women's A 2018 club champions

    • Skip: Deanna Jonson
    • Third: Annette Laue
    • Second: Sue Biegel
    • Lead: Lillian Riegling
  • PCA “B” Women: Red Willow Curling Club

    • Skip: Shannon Slemp
    • Third: Lisa Dorscheid
    • Second: Michelle Sigurdson
    • Lead: Lana Swenson

The Winning team of the 2018 Mixed Club Championship is team Penson from the Redwillow Curling Club:

  • Skip: Duane PensonRWCC Duane Penson, Elaine Muceniek, Norm Leger, Arlene Simpson
  • Third: Elaine Muceniek
  • Second: Norm Leger
  • Lead: Arlene Simpkins
  • Alternate: Ashley Penson



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